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    Let’s Bust Some Podcasting Myths!

    Ready to get your podcast started? Click on this calendar link to schedule a brainstorming call! In the meantime, keep a brainstorming journal nearby and start writing down all the topics you want to talk about. Don’t edit yourself – that comes later. Just let the creative juices flow.

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    PSA: What’s Your Backup Plan?

    If you’re an adult of a certain age range, you know that we need a will and life insurance to be sure our families are taken care of should we meet our demise sooner than we expected. If you run a business, you should also have safeguards in place so…

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    Take My PLR Survey!

    If you’re a regular PLR user, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the types of PLR you use and the formats that are available. I’m conducting a little market research and all answers are anonymous. Thank you so much for your time!

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    Is Using PLR Ethical?

    Ever since I first learned about PLR (Private Label Rights) content, I’ve been a huge fan. PLR (aka Private Label Rights content OR done-for-you content) is professional web content that is pre-written and can be used by anyone who buys a license. This content can be edited, made into a…