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Unlock your voice. Share your story. Expand your impact. 

QuickStart Podcasting is the self-study video course that shows you step-by-step

how to get your podcast set up and distributed to the world.

Writing Solutions

Written Content is Still King.

Are all your content ideas scattered on sticky notes? Do you struggle with imposter syndrome and wondering what your followers want to hear?

I'm putting all my best writing solutions together in one place and will let you know when it's complete.

Podcast Solutions

Add a Voice to Your Brand.

Want to expand your reach and grow your audience? Podcasting is a great way to reach new audience members and develop a relationship with them.

My QuickStart Podcasting course is ready! These step-by-step videos will show you my process for getting your podcast setup, recorded, and distributed to your listeners.

Ghostwriting Solutions

Create more time in your day.

Ghostwriting and outsourcing in general can free up time in your day to focus on your source of genius.

I don't personally offer these services any more but I'm compiling my best referrals and tips for hiring writers and other contractors so you can create your own dream team. 




Since 2008

Clients have trusted me with their multimedia content needs for over a decade. 



My Strength

I am a proud member of the grammar police; attention to detail is one of my many strengths.



Next Level

Several of my clients have created six-figure businesses by selling products I wrote for them.


Christina Lemmey

From as far back as I can remember, I've had a love of writing. It's always come naturally to me and is my preferred mode of communication. My clients have trusted me since 2008 to take their own ideas and craft them into paid products. With my natural writing skills and their killer marketing skills, they have made multiple six-figures over the years.

My official bio includes post-college work in the pharmaceutical advertising industry and in the magazine industry. I graduated from Syracuse University and still bleed orange!



Without original content:

  • Your site won't do well in search engine rankings and your target audience won't find you.

  • Your website is nothing more than a static online business card.

  • Your social media posts won't get any kind of engagement from your audience.
  • Your email list will forget about who you are because you haven't stayed in contact with them.

  • You won't have any products to sell.
  • Original content is the way you communicate with your audience; how you show them the answers to their questions and the solutions to their problems.

  • Just as important as original content is hiring a dedicated team that abhors plagiarism and understands the difference between research and copy/paste.

  • Your business will always need original content and that's the only kind of content we produce.

In short, original content is how you'll make your business grow.

Our Clients

See What Our

Clients Have to Say

Vera Friesen - Author & Entrepreneur

"Writing my book was a very personal experience for me. I knew I needed someone who would give attention to detail.

Thank you, Christina, for editing my book, it took so much off my plate. I look forward to you editing my next book."

Derek Saker - Director of Marketing and Communications

"Christina Lemmey is our Podcast editor of choice and has been instrumental in editing and producing our Listen for a Change podcast series.

When we provide Christina with the raw audio, we always know we are guaranteed a most timely delivery of a product that is highly professional, and acutely well-edited, that drives home the most important messages and tells a captivating story.

Many vendors profess audio editing expertise. Very few actually deliver. Christina delivers above and beyond and is a pleasure to work with."

We're Here For All Your Content Needs

Whether it's podcasting, writing, editing, formatting or more, my team can bring your ideas to life. Contact me to discuss how we can help you get professional content on your website for more engagement from your customers and clients.

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