About Christina…

I’ve always been a people-pleaser.

Christina Lemmey headshotFrom the time I was a small, elementary school student throughout my college career, I always strived to do my homework, complete every project on time, and get good grades so my parents would be proud. In this quest to do well I was often referred to as the ‘teacher’s pet’.

After college I went on to work in the fields of magazine publishing and pharmaceutical advertising where deadlines were written in stone and all hell would break loose (and printing budgets would vastly increase) if deadlines were missed.

Working with multiple editorial and creative teams, I learned to be proactive in my problem solving and perfected my communication skills with clients and team members.

Again, I never wanted to make that dreaded phone call to a client or art director that something was wrong. (aka people-pleasing)

Recently, though, people-pleasing has become a bad thing.

Usually it’s because people-pleasers forget about boundaries and find themselves on call 24/7. For me, people-pleasing is more about caring about someone’s business as if it was my own. Going that extra mile to meet deadlines and to put my very best effort into any task.

My reputation is dependent on the quality of my work so I approach every project as if it was for my own business. Listening to clients and asking questions as each project progresses is part of my approach and I place very high expectations on the finished products because I never want to hear that you’re disappointed.

People-pleasing at its finest.

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