Do you want to build a community of loyal fans and repeat customers? 

Become your industry's go-to expert by hosting your own podcast! 

If you're like most online entrepreneurs, you understand the importance of expanding your reach.

You're on a quest to be more than just another face in the crowd. You want to become a thought leader and expert in your industry, a trusted source of wisdom and guidance for your audience.

But you also know the struggles all too well – the endless battle to reach more people, to make your voice heard in a noisy digital landscape.

  • Everyday the social media algorithms change. 
  • Readers skim through blog posts and often don't open email.
  • Instant gratification is at an all-time high; if people don't like what they see in the first 3 seconds of landing on your site, they'll click away.

Are you ready to break free from the limitations of one-on-one interactions and unlock the potential to reach not just hundreds, but thousands of eager listeners?

Enter the World of PODCASTING!

2 people recording a conversation

Podcasting is simply a way to deliver your audio content to your listeners once they subscribe to your show.

As a podcast host, you'll tap into a powerful medium that goes beyond one-to-one connections. You'll step into a realm where your influence can extend to hundreds, even thousands of eager ears. 

And this is not just about expanding your reach; it's about cultivating opportunities, forging connections, and becoming a recognized authority in your field.

Creating your own podcast allows your audience to listen according to THEIR schedule, when it's convenient for THEM. 

And hosting a podcast allows YOU to share your expertise. Your knowledge, years of experience, case studies, and natural talent for talking about what you love will build your credibility, your confidence, and your community.

Are Your Palms Sweaty at the Idea of Adding Something Else to Your To-Do List?

Overwhelm is a real thing.  It goes hand in hand with fear of the unknown. 

But instead of allowing this fear to hold you back, I invite you to think about your listeners and how much you can impact their lives by getting your message out into the world. 

It's OK to Ask for Help

I have personally helped many new podcasters overcome this common technology roadblock. Clients come to me with their podcast dreams and have no idea how to get it started. They KNOW their message is important, but technical jargon or too many choices paralyzes them and delays their podcast launch indefinitely.

Since 2008 I have worked behind the scenes helping clients set up their podcasts and edit their audio files. I take over those technical aspects and bring their podcast ideas to life.

If you're a solopreneur who wants to expand your reach with a podcast but you're stuck on the how-to's, you’re going to love my QuickStart Podcasting Program. This is a pre-recorded group coaching program where I'll show you my EXACT processes for getting your podcast set up and recorded. Consider this your behind the scenes exclusive ticket!

What you’ll learn with QuickStart Podcasting:

  • Why a vision for your podcast is important - aka Your Big Why
  • How to set up your home-based recording studio on a budget
  • How to craft the basic outline or format of your show
  • How to create a production workflow that fits your schedule
  • How to get your show submitted to the big podcast directories

Who Am I?

Christina Lemmey headshot

I'm Christina Lemmey and I’ve been a Podcast Producer since 2008.

I have a special love for podcasters because I firmly believe that every person has a voice worth hearing - and your audience needs to hear your message. 

Connecting with people – specifically your business audience – is more important than ever, which is why podcasting continues to grow in popularity. 

It's time to claim your spot in the podcast world!

My Promise to YOU

After watching these 9 in-depth recordings, you will have:

  • Your podcast completely set up
  • Your trailer episode recorded
  • Your podcast listed on all the big podcast platforms
  • Your intro and outro recordings complete with voice over & music (optional)
  • A recording and production flowchart that you can customize to fit your show's needs

A Sampling of the Podcasts I've Worked On

What Would Love Do podcast with Jonathon Aslay
Abundability podcast logo
reThinkELA podcast logo
ReThink Your Lifestyle podcast logo

Christina, you are AWESOME!

Before hiring Christina, I was so lost trying to figure out all that needed to be done to establish and promote a weekly podcast. We got on the phone and within 6 weeks I had recorded my first podcast and then 4 quickly followed thereafter. Her guidance, love, and care have made the process much easier and all I can say now, am in good hands. 

Jonathon Aslay  //  Podcast Host & Dating Coach

You'll also receive:

  • Access to our private Facebook Group to mingle and ask questions 
  • A Podcast Vision Planner for taking notes and refining what your podcast is about
  • A Podcast Production Planner to simplify your recording process
  • A list of my most trusted resources
  • Lifetime access to session recordings

Ready to Get Started?

Invest $297 to start your podcast today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give this to my VA instead of learning it all myself?

Sure thing! Outsourcing to a trusted assistant is a fabulous investment.

I'm a Virtual Assistant. Can I use these skills to serve my clients?

Absolutely! Adding new skills to your business will certainly attract new clients.

I don't really want to learn all this new stuff. Can I just hire you instead?

Yes! My done-for-you option gives you all the benefits of this program in a fraction of the time. Click this link to book a discovery call. 

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