Writing Services

Written content is still king in the internet world but when was the last time you gave those search engines new content to explore?

The more content you add to your website, the more the search engines come to your site. If you give them educational, well-written content on a regular basis, then those search engines raise your website in the search results, which hopefully results in more paying customers for you.

Overwhelmed at the thought of rewriting your entire website? Start small by creating a phenomenal e-class or a short report for your email subscribers. Promote those items and you’ll get more traffic to your site, which will increase your subscriber base, build your credibility, and improve your search engine results.

If you don’t have the time or desire to write your own content, hire me to do it for you. Ghostwriting is completely legal and a legitimate way to keep content flowing onto your site, even when you’re too busy to write it yourself.

All of my articles have a minimum word count of 500 words and you retain all the rights to edit and use them as you please. Original content that you purchase will never be published on my own website, social media, or shared with other clients. You pay for original content, you GET original content.

Here are some examples of the writing projects I can create for your business:

  • Blog Posts: for use on your blog or as guest blog posts on other sites
  • Articles: for use on your website, as a newsletter, or to send to print publications
  • Email Marketing: send autoresponder messages, eclasses, or broadcast messages to your subscribers to foster your relationship with your audience and earn their trust
  • Workbooks: can be given away for free to webinar guests or subscribers or added as a bonus to a digital product
  • Short Reports: to be used as an email freebie or distributed to your affiliates
  • Checklists: a handy & valuable resource for your audience, especially if you’re teaching them how to do something
  • eBooks: carve out your author’s niche on Amazon or use it to build your subscriber list
  • Transcripts: a written transcript of your audio or video serves as a workbook for those who prefer to read

How Much Does Ghostwriting Cost?

Writing services: $50 per 500 words (or 10 cents per word for one-time, individual projects).

Proofreading for mistakes only: $3 per page (based on size of file you supply me)

Content Editing: $8 per page (based on the final page count after editing)

Put Your Content on Autopilot

Set it and forget it by choosing a 3- or 6-month writing package. We will discuss your writing needs upfront, create an editorial calendar, then work on a publishing schedule. We’ll stay on top of your website content creation so you don’t have to.

Monthly Writing Package: $700 per 10k words (7 cents per word, based on a 3-or 6-month commitment. Word count can be spread among multiple projects.)

Ready to Talk?

You’ll never know if outsourcing is the right choice for you unless you give it a try but I want you to be 100% confident. Let’s set up a meeting to discuss your writing needs.

Our consult will also serve as a mini-interview so you can determine if we’ll make a good match.