Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What exactly do you do?

A. Multimedia Content Solutions focuses on creating web content for business owners who are overwhelmed with their daily responsibilities. You focus on your sales, we focus on the content creation.


Q. What is multimedia content?

A. The term “multimedia” simply means we are not limited to working with just one form of web content. We offer Podcasting, Video Editing, Webinar Production, and Writing services.


Q. Why don’t you have any prices listed on your website?

A. We have tried doing that in the past but honestly, every client’s needs are so different that one price just doesn’t fit all. We like to discuss the specifics of every project so we can give you the most accurate price quote and avoid surprise fees once the project has started.


Q. How do I hire you?

A. We have a fairly simple process:

  1. Book a consultation so we can discuss your project(s)
  2. Review and approve your custom job proposal
  3. Pay the first invoice for 50% of the quoted price
  4. Once your invoice is paid, your project will go on our schedule

FYI – the balance of the project fee is due upon completion.


Q. Do I have to sign a contract?

A. Yes. The contract/job proposal will spell out all the details of the project and protects us both.


Q. Do you offer recurring packages or do you just take one-time projects?

A. Yes, we can certainly customize a monthly content package that renews every month until you cancel it. Nearly all of our services would work on a recurring basis; it just depends on your needs and budget.

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