Do you want to launch a new product but are stuck on what words to use on the sales page ? 

Do you question your writing skills, wondering if you're getting your point across?

Sometimes you're just too close to a project and need another set of eyes to review it objectively. 

What you need is a skilled writer and editor who has 30+ years of experience helping clients produce their best products.

Friends are nice to have in your corner but do they have the same objective eye as a professional?

Who Am I?

Christina Lemmey headshot

I'm Christina Lemmey and I’ve been working with private clients online since 2008. I have a special love for words and copywriting and my goal is to help solopreneurs build their business by creating products their customers LOVE. 

Connecting with people – specifically your business audience – is more important than ever. But if you're stuck on your sales page, then you're not able to connect with those who need you most.  

What you’ll get from a Sales Page Critique:

  • A short video highlighting all of my comments so you can see exactly what changes to make
  • A full proofreading of your sales copy, looking for flow and for typos
  • Input about photos and if your overall message is clear 
  • Encouragement to make the changes and get your product launched!

Alleviate your sales page stress! 

Ready to Get Started?

Grab your spot in line before this introductory pricing goes up!

Only $37 if you act now!

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