Is Fear of Technology Delaying Your Podcast Launch?

Have you become so overwhelmed with technical jargon that you don't know how to start?

Overwhelm is a very real thing.  It goes hand in hand with fear of the unknown. 

But instead of allowing this fear to hold you back from launching your podcast, I challenge you to break free, adopt a positive attitude, work your way through the fear, and launch your podcast to the world!

Someone out there NEEDS to hear your message so don't let fear, overwhelm, and uncertainty hold you back.

You CAN Launch Your Podcast!

I have personally helped many new podcasters overcome this common technology roadblock. Clients come to me with their podcast dreams and have no idea how to get it started. They KNOW their message is important, but technical jargon sidelines them and delays their podcast launch.

For 12 years I have worked behind the scenes helping many clients set up their podcasts and edit their audio files. I take over those fearful technical aspects and bring their podcast ideas to life on the internet.

If you're a solopreneur who wants to expand their reach with a podcast but you're stuck on the how-to's, you’re going to love my Quickstart Podcasting Guide. It will walk you through the technical steps to set up your podcast on the WordPress site you're already using to run your business. 

What you’ll learn with Quickstart Podcasting:

  • Why you shouldn’t host your audio files with your web host
  • Why you want the option to play episodes on your WordPress website
  • What plugin you’ll need to create your RSS feed
  • Why “show notes” are important (and what they are)
  • What other pieces you’ll need before launching
  • Why you should not ignore those podcast directories
  • How to submit your feed to podcast directories
  • How to perform some basic editing functions before releasing your episodes to the world

Who Am I?

Christina Lemmey headshot

I'm Christina Lemmey and I’ve been setting up podcasts for private clients since 2008. I have

a special love for podcasters because they have such a natural way of connecting verbally with their audiences. 

Connecting with people – specifically your business audience – is more important than ever, which is why podcasting continues to

grow in popularity. Need proof? Take a glance

at how many podcasts are listed in Apple Podcasts.

A Sampling of the Podcasts I've Worked On

What Would Love Do podcast with Jonathon Aslay
Promoting Direct Sales Podcast graphic
Coming Out of the Fire podcast graphic
reThinkELA podcast logo
Listen for a Change Podcast graphic

Christina, you are AWESOME!

Before hiring Christina, I was so lost trying to figure out all that needed to be done to establish and promote a weekly podcast. We got on the phone and within 6 weeks I had recorded my first podcast and then 4 quickly followed thereafter. Her guidance, love, and care have made the process much easier and all I can say now, am in good hands. 

Jonathon Aslay  //  Podcast Host & Dating Coach

Ready to Get Started? Here's Your Blueprint!

If you follow Quickstart Podcasting, you will:

  • complete all the technical set up steps in just a few hours
  • never have to touch this back end stuff again! It's truly "set it and forget it"
  • find time to record your episodes 
  • grow your audience by being listed in all the big podcast directories

All that's left is showcasing your expertise in each episode, booking fabulous guests, and shouting from the rooftops how YOU can help your listeners solve their biggest problem.  

Whether your podcast becomes the cornerstone of your online business or remains a hobby, your message will be available for the world to discover…for years to come.

If you’re ready to banish your technological phobia, purchase Quickstart Podcasting TODAY.

Invest $27 to start your podcast today!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a Virtual Assistant. Can I use this to serve my clients?

Sure thing! Adding new skills to your business will certainly attract new clients.

If I'm still confused, can I hire you to set up my podcast?

Of course! Use this coupon code to deduct the price of the Quickstart Podcasting Guide XXX

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