Are You Overwhelmed With Your Podcast?

Eliminate Podfade

You were so excited to get your podcast launched.

Episodes are rolling and you have many ideas yet to record.

But each week you are spending hours working behind the scenes and it's killing your creativity.

Sound familiar?

Don't Become Another Forgotten Podcast

Solopreneurs hire me to set up and edit their podcasts so they can work the marketing and other business tasks without fear of burning out.

You record the episodes and I’ll take care of putting all the pieces together to get you added weekly on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio…pretty much any podcast platform that you want.

How It Works

  • You record your podcast episode.
  • Save your recording in a Shared file.
  • I edit out errors, add your intro/outro, write your show notes, and get it published for the world to hear.

You can send one episode per week or batch them together and send 4 at one time.

The choice is yours so it suits your schedule.

My Clients

I would feel lost without her...

If you are a person considering hiring a VA, you came to the right place.

Christina Lemmey is an exceptional support person for my business and I have full trust in her capacity to handle my website, email marketing, podcasts and help desk. She is professional and caring at the same time.

To put it simply, I would feel lost without her...

jonathon aslay,

A meticulous audio editor but also an excellent writer...

I first met Christina about 14 years ago when I was looking for a virtual assistant to help me edit and write the show notes for my first podcast. She did an amazing job as both a meticulous audio editor but also an excellent writer. She always writes what I need written, and often better than I would have said it.

When I decided to start a new podcast in 2018, I knew that I wanted Christina to be the virtual assistant to handle the behind the scenes tech. She is consistent, professional, and reliable. I trust her with my business, and I know that you will be in great hands, as well!

Michelle Boyd Waters, and

Get Back Your Time

Think of the time you’ll save not editing - or learning how to use editing software! If writing is not your forte, hand it off to me because I love words.

I’m here to take those post-production tasks off your desk so you can work on booking your next guest and marketing your business.

You’ll also receive my undivided attention when you have questions or run into an issue. I’ve been serving podcast clients since 2008 and they never have to worry about who they’re going to get when they call. It’s me, every time.

Editing Packages 

Whether you want the basics or a wish to go more elite, I have the perfect package for you.


starting at $


3 month contract includes:

  • 30-minute strategy session each month
  • 4 or 5 thirty-minute podcast episodes each month
  • Full editing (eliminate long pauses, errors, "ums", add intro/outro & promos)
  • Extended show notes written with SEO in mind
  • Episode uploaded and scheduled
  • Voxer or Messenger access for questions or troubleshooting
  • Promotion on my social platforms and to my list monthly

Pay in full & save $375 OR pay in 3 monthly installments.


starting at $


3 month contract includes:

  • 4 or 5 thirty-minute podcast episodes each month
  • Basic editing (add intro/outro & promos)
  • Basic bullet point highlight summary
  • Episode uploaded and scheduled
  • Voxer or Messenger access M-F for questions

Pay in full & save $375 OR pay in 3 monthly installments.

Have questions? Let's schedule a call to chat. 

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